Lab Reports

At Urban Daze, we take pride in delivering exceptional CBD products and premium hemp flower. To reinforce our commitment, every product undergoes rigorous testing in a certified laboratory audited by the State of Indiana Pharmacy Board. Partner with us as we collectively contribute to setting enduring positive trends in this rapidly evolving industry.

You can find the Certificate of Analysis (COA) information for our products below. Whether you discovered us through the QR Code, online search, or pre-purchase review, Urban Daze appreciates your choice. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

Most recent lab reports

Strain Batch# ID
Cherry Runtz THCAD1CR030824 THCA 1g DM
Forbidden Gushers THCAD1FG030824 THCA 1g DM
Grape God THCAD1GG030824 THCA 1g DM
Mandarin Cookies THCAD1MC030824 THCA 1g DM
Maui Wowie THCAD1MW030824 THCA 1g DM
OG Kush THCAD1OK030824 THCA 1g DM
Pink Runtz THCAD1PR030824 THCA 1g DM
Strawberry Cough THCAD1SC030824 THCA 1g DM
Sunset Sherbert THCAD1SS030824 THCA 1g DM
Strain Batch# ID
Cherry Runtz THCAB1CR030824 THCA 1g BD
Forbidden Gushers THCAB1FG030824 THCA 1g BD
Grape God THCAB1GG030824 THCA 1g BD
Mandarin Cookies THCAB1MC030824 THCA 1g BD
Maui Wowie THCAB1MW030824 THCA 1g BD
OG Kush THCAB1OK030824 THCA 1g BD
Pink Runtz THCAB1PR030824 THCA 1g BD
Strawberry Cough THCAB1SC030824 THCA 1g BD
Sunset Sherbert THCAB1SS030824 THCA 1g BD
Strain Batch# ID
Grape God THCAD3GG060524 THCA 3g GG
Maui Wowie THCAD3MW060524 THCA 3g MW
OG Kush THCAD3OK060524 THCA 3g OK
Flavor Lot# ID
Blue Razz Blast 2023-06-05-001 25mg BRB
Apple Punch 2023-06-05-002 25mg AP
Strawberry Splash 2023-06-05-003 25mg SS
Twisted Cherry 2023-06-05-004 25mg TC
Orange Krush 2023-06-05-005 25mg OK
Grape Slushy 2023-06-05-006 25mg GS
Rainbow Pack 2023-06-05-007 25mg RP
Maui Mango 2023-12-05-003 25mg MM
Strawnana Smoothie 2023-12-04-010 25mg SS
Watermelon Wave 2023-11-28-006 25mg WW
Flavor Lot# ID
Cookies and Cream 2023-06-05-038 25mg CC
Milk Chocolate 2023-06-05-039 25mg MC
Rainbow Road Chocolate 2023-06-05-040 25mg RR
Flavor Batch # ID
Blue Raspberry 2023-12-05-002 100mg BR BC
Mango 2023-12-05-001 100mg MM BC
Watermelon 2023-11-10-002 100mg WM BC
Item Name Batch # ID
D8 1500mg 2023-11-28 1500mg D8
D8 3000mg 2023-11-28 3000mg D8
Flavor Lot# ID
Do-Si-Dos 2024-01-17-001 1G DD
Forbidden Fruit 2024-01-17-001 1G FF
Gelato 2024-01-17-001 1G GO
Grandaddy Purple 2024-01-17-001 1G GP
Lemon Haze 2024-01-17-001 1G LH
Mai Tai 2024-01-17-001 1G MT
Mimosa 2024-01-17-001 1G MM
Northern Lights 2024-01-17-001 1G NL
Pineapple Express 2024-01-17-001 1G PE
Sour Diesel 2024-01-17-001 1G SD
Tropical Zkittles 2024-01-17-001 1G TZ
White Widow 2024-01-17-001 1G WW
Flavor Lot# ID
Do-Si-Dos 2022-01-04-001 DP2G DD
Forbidden Fruit 2022-01-04-001 DP2G FF
Lemon Haze 2022-01-04-001 DP2G LH
Mai Tai 2022-01-04-001 DP2G MT
Mimosa 2022-01-04-001 DP2G MM
Northern Lights 2022-01-04-001 DP2G NL
Pineapple Express 2022-01-04-001 DP2G PE
Sour Diesel 2022-01-04-001 DP2G SD
Tropical Zkittles 2022-01-04-001 DP2G TZ
White Widow 2022-01-04-001 DP2G WW
Flavor Lot# ID
Bubble Gum Blast 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg DB
Chocolate Haze 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg CH
Guava Melon Kush 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg GMK
Sour Tsunami 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg ST
Sweet and Tart 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg ST
Tropical Berries 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg TB
Tropical Zkittles 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg TZ
White Widow 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg WW
Forbidden Fruit 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg FF
Northern Lights 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg NL
Pinneapple Express 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg PE
Sour Diesel 2023-05-23-008-v2 3mg SD
Flavor Lot# ID
Blue Raspberry 2023-06-05-015 25mg BR
Cherry 2023-06-05-018 25mg CH
Grape 2023-06-05-020 25mg GP
Green Apple 2023-06-05-016 25mg GA
Orange 2023-06-05-019 25mg OR
Strawberry 2023-06-05-017 25mg SW
Flavor Lot# ID
Blue Raspberry 2023-06-05-008 25mg BR
Cherry 2023-06-05-011 25mg CH
Grape 2023-06-05-013 25mg GP
Green Apple 2023-06-05-009 25mg GA
Orange 2023-06-05-012 25mg OR
Strawberry 2023-06-05-010 25mg SW
Variety Pack 2023-10-03-008 25mg VP
Flavor Lot# ID
Blue Raspberry 2023-06-05-021 10mg BR
Cherry 2023-06-05-024 10mg CR
Grape 2023-06-05-026 10mg GR
Green Apple 2023-06-05-022 10mg GA
Orange 2023-06-05-025 10mg OR
Strawberry 2023-06-05-023 10mg SW
Variety Pack 2023-06-05-027 10mg VP
Flavor Lot# ID
Blue Raspberry 2023-06-05-028 50mg BR
Cherry 2023-06-05-031 50mg CH
Grape 2023-06-05-033 50mg GP
Green Apple 2023-06-05-029 50mg GA
Orange 2023-06-05-032 50mg OR
Strawberry 2023-06-05-030 50mg SW
Variety Pack 2023-06-05-034 50mg VP
Flavor Lot# ID
Cosmic Cocoa 2023-06-05-035 200mg CC
Marshmallow Magic 2023-06-05-036 200mg MM
Rainbow Road 2023-06-05-037 200mg RR
Flavor Lot# ID
Dos Si Dos 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Forbidden Fruit 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Gelato 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Granddaddy Purple 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Lemon Haze 2023-06-05-049 1gm DS
Mai Tai 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Mimosa 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Northern Lights 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Pineapple Express 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Sour Diesel 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Tropical Zkittles 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
White Widow 2022-07-23-016 1gm DS
Flavor Batch # ID
Dos Si Dos 2023-12-19 2g DS DD
Forbidden Fruit  2023-12-19 2g DS FF
Gelato  2023-12-19 2g DS GO
Granddaddy Purple  2023-12-19 2g DS GP
Lemon Haze  2023-12-19 2g DS LH
Mai Tai  2023-12-19 2g DS MT
Mimosa  2023-12-19 2g DS MM
Northern Lights  2023-12-19 2g DS NL
Pineapple Express  2023-12-19 2g DS PE
Sour Diesel  2023-12-19 2g DS SD
Tropical Zkittles  2023-12-19 2g DS TZ
White Widow  2023-12-19 2g DS WW
Bubble Gum Blast  2023-12-19 2g DS BB
Chocolate Haze  2023-12-19 2g DS CH
Guava Melon Kush  2023-12-19 2g DS GM
Sour Tsunami  2023-12-19 2g DS SS
Sweet and Tart  2023-12-19 2g DS ST
Tropical Berries  2023-12-19 2g DS TB
Flavor Lot# ID
Blue Raspberry 2023-06-05-041 25mg BR
Cherry 2023-06-05-044 25mg CH
Grape 2023-06-05-046 25mg GP
Green Apple 2023-06-05-042 25mg GA
Orange 2023-06-05-045 25mg OG
Strawberry 2023-06-05-043 25mg SW
Variety Pack 2023-06-05-047 25mg VP
Item Name Batch # ID
CBD Full Spectrum 1500mg 2023-11-28 1500mg CBDFS
CBD Broad Spectrum 1500mg 2023-11-28 1500mg CBDBS
CBD Full Spectrum 3000mg 2023-11-28 3000mg CBDFS
CBD Broad Spectrum 3000mg 2023-11-28 3000mg CBDBS
Flavor Lot#
Capsules 2024-01-24-017 25mg Caps
Flavor Lot# ID
Dos Si Dos 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Forbidden Fruit 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Gelato 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Granddaddy Purple 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Lemon Haze 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Mai Tai 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Mimosa 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Northern Lights 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Pineapple Express 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Sour Diesel 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Tropical Zkittles 2023-06-05-048 1gm DS
White Widow 2020-09-03-006 1gm DS
Item Name Batch #
2000mg 6oz Cream 2023-11-28 2000mg CBD

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