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Delta 8

The Delta 8 THC cannabinoid is another compound aside from the traditional THC found in marijuana. Delta 8 products produce more of a euphoric, “high” feeling than CBD products, but less than traditional THC.

Delta 8 products are legal in most states, which is why it has become a popular alternative to traditional marijuana and cannabis products. In the same way that CBD and traditional THC can be made into a variety of products, so can Delta 8!

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Delta 8 is one of the fastest growing cannabis products currently available. Because of its legality and euphoric feeling, Delta 8 products are flying off of the shelves. Make sure you secure some Delta 8 for yourself!

Check out our list of cannabis products for Delta 8!

Our teams at our laboratory and testing facility are always brainstorming new products and new ways to incorporate Delta 8. Check out our current selection of vape products, gummies, concentrates and more!

Urban Daze seeks to create products in different configurations and forms that anyone can enjoy! Check out all we have to offer below!

Delta 8 Products

Browse our different vape products for Delta 8!

Assortment of Delta 8 Vape Cartridges


Browse our different vape products for Delta 8!

Urban Daze Delta 8 Premium Disposable Vape in Tropical Zkittles flavor

Vape Cartridges

Check out these disposable options for Delta 8

Assortment of colorful Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8

Get some tasty Delta 8 gummies!

Delta 8 Concentrate in a Jar

Delta 8

Discover our different Delta 8 concentrates!

Urban Daze Delta 8 Dreambar in Cosmic Coco Flavor

Delta 8
Dream Bars

Check out our delicious Delta 8 Dream Bars!

Coming Soon!

Delta 8

Delta 8

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