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Urban Daze provides the best CBD and Delta 8 products to ship right to your door! We prepare and package all of our cannabis products, so you can expect the best quality. Our cannabis products include a variety of items, such as vape products, candies, gummies, tinctures, caplets, concentrates, edibles, and more!

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Urban Daze is a leader in hemp flower cultivation and creating the best CBD and Delta 8 products. All of our products are lab tested and follow strict formulation guidelines. Our formulations are homogenized for even consistency, so check out all of the hemp products Urban Daze offers for the best CBD and Delta 8 products!

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Delta 8 Products

Rechargeable and disposable vape products, gummies, and concentrates!

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Hemp Cultivation

Learn more about our hemp flower, its growth, and cultivation techniques!

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CBD Products

Tinctures and full spectrum tinctures, gummies, isolates, caplets, concentrates and more!


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We at Urban Daze create the best CBD and Delta 8 products available online. Our certified laboratory and testing facility ensures the best quality products for hemp flower, CBD, and Delta 8 products. We can even ship your cannabis products right to your door! Find out what makes Urban Daze the best supplier of cannabis and hemp products in the U.S.!

Check out our selection of cannabis and hemp products!

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Learn more about our cannabis products and hemp flower cultivation! We also provide a selection of resources to help you better understand CBD, Delta 8, and hemp flower in general.

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