Lab Reports

  Urban Daze prides itself on offering outstanding CBD products and superior hemp flower.  To back up this statement, every product we offer to consumers is lab tested in a certified laboratory that is audited by the State of Indiana Pharmacy Board.  As an analytical laboratory run by our parent company Agrozen Labs, we not only test our own products but also provide 3rd party testing for farmers and other CBD suppliers.  To ensure our lab follows all the strict hemp testing standards, a 30 year pharmaceutical scientist runs our facility.

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) information for our product is available below.  Urban Daze appreciates your purchase if you found this page via the QR Code on the product package, searched us online, or just reviewing our data.prior to your purchase.


Laboratory Reports (COA's)

Craft Hemp Flower - Indoor 

Fiji Fire Batch #05142020 COA Fiji Fire
Maui Blue Batch #SH18 COA Maui Blue
Orange Mist Batch #DMD1 COA Orange Mist
Sierra Sunrise Batch #SS2

COA Sierra Sunrise

Berry Bomb Batch #L1

COA Berry Bomb

Sweet Moon Batch #SD2

COA Sweet Moon

Lemon Candy Batch #DM032620 COA Lemon Candy


Hemp Flower - Greenhouse

Punch Berry Batch #GSGWU5 COA Punch Berry
Lemon Slyder Batch #GSGCD COA Lemon Slyder


Hemp Flower - Outdoor

Citrus Breeze Batch #C5101619 COA Citrus Breeze
Magic Mango Batch #CW101619 COA Magic Mango
Royal Haze Batch #NF011820 COA Royal Haze
Sweet Cherry Batch #SC101619 COA Sweet Cherry
Summit OG Batch #UN101619 COA Summit OG



500mg Natural Batch # COA 500mg Natural
500mg Mint Batch # COA 500mg Mint
500mg Strawberry Batch # COA 500mg Strawberry
1000mg Natural Batch # COA 1000mg Natural
1000mg Mint Batch # COA 1000mg Mint
1000mg Strawberry Batch # COA 1000mg Strawberry



 750mg Soft-gel Batch # COA 750 Soft-gel



10mg Blue Raspberry Batch #071620 COA 10mg BR
10mg Mango Batch #071620 COA 10mg M
10mg Strawnana Batch #071620 COA 10mg SN
25mg Blue Raspberry Batch # COA 25mg BR
25mg Red Raspberry Batch # COA 25mg RR



1G Forbidden Fruit Batch #090320 COA 1G FF
1G Gelato Batch #090320 COA 1G GO
1G Lemon Haze Batch #090320 COA 1G LH
1G Mai Tai Batch #090320 COA 1G MT
1G Pineapple Express Batch #090320 COA 1G PE
1G Tropical Zkittles Batch #090320 COA 1G TZ