About Us


Urban Daze was founded to create the best craft hemp products on the market that is supported by scientific research and rigorous testing.  Through years of research, trial and error, and an absolute passion for the cannabis industry, our team is on the forefront of product innovation and cultivation techniques. 

Urban Daze advances our R&D Cannabis Cultivation Center and product development team by utilizing our in-house certified analytical cannabis testing laboratory to ensure genetics and product formulations are within specifications.  By perfecting our cultivation activities and cannabinoid research, it creates opportunities to develop unique craft hemp flower strains and new CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 10 products. 

Consumers should feel confident when purchasing Urban Daze tinctures, caplets, edibles, carts, disposables, dabs, and craft hemp flower as every product includes a QR code on the package linking it to certified lab reports.

The Urban Daze brand is committed to bringing consumers the best hemp derived products on the market.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy our ever-evolving hemp dispensary menu and extensive product offering.


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