How to Roll a Picture-Perfect CBD Hemp Joint for Beginners

How to Roll a Picture-Perfect CBD Hemp Joint for Beginners

Today, the most common way to enjoy CBD hemp and reap its full benefits is by smoking it with a joint that’s quick and easy to make. After all, who doesn’t like the convenience that offers to give a full effect?

For anyone who wants to maximize the effects of the plant itself, getting hemp pre-rolls and bags of CBD flower is the way to go if you’re looking for a well-rounded experience. If you’ve managed to make marijuana joints in the past, then you’re probably familiar with the entire process. However, if you haven’t managed to roll one a day in your life, then you’re probably going to struggle a bit.

Fortunately, rolling a perfect CBD hemp joint doesn’t have to be as labor-intensive or frustrating as you might expect it to be as long you take the right tips into mind. In fact, all you’ll need to remember is to stop, drop, and roll for some fire joints!

If you want to make your life much better and healthier with the help of a spliff or joint but are entirely new to the entire process of making one, here’s a quick step-by-step guide for you:

STOP: Prepare all the needed materials

Taking the time to prepare all the right materials for your CBD hemp joint will undoubtedly make a world of difference in the quality of your experience when smoking it up. This step actually takes much longer than any other part in the rolling process, meaning that having your materials ready right off the bat can make it faster!

Here’s what you need to prepare when you start rolling your joint:

1. The bed of your joint (or the rolling paper)

As the main ingredient that ties everything together, the bed of your joint—whether short or long—is undoubtedly an important part of the entire rolling process. Although it comprises nearly the entire form of the doobie itself, the type of paper you choose for your bed can also affect how fast or slow your smoke session is — choose wisely!

To start off the rolling process, you’ll need to make sure that the sticky part of your paper is face-up so that you can easily shut it later on. If you feel like your joint isn’t long enough to accommodate all your hemp, you can come up with a makeshift long paper by sticking two short ones together in an L-shape!

2. The hemp itself

Generally, the hemp that you buy will always come in some sort of clumped up form that you’ll have to grind up into numerous small pieces to fit in the paper properly. Similar to coffee beans or cement, grinding up your CBD-packed produce can easily make for a smoother smoking experience altogether.

Now, if you don’t own a grinder that you can use to break down the CBD hemp itself, you can use your fingers or a pair of scissors to make sure that the entire joint itself burns evenly.

3. The tip

Best known as the filter or the joint, the tip essentially functions as a filter that prevents charred pieces of hemp from accidentally getting in your mouth when you smoke it. If you don’t have your own set of pre-made filters, you can simply make one out of a 3/4ths by 1.5-inch pieces of cardboard, make an “M” shape on one end and roll the rest of the strip around it.

DROP: Assembly

Once you’ve got all your materials, you can start piecing the entire joint by putting your ground CBD hemp onto one side of the joint and put your filter at the end. For a more convenient and controlled experience, you may want to place the filter on the side of your dominant hand. If you’re looking for a more fulfilling experience when smoking, you can layout your hemp in a conical shape with more ground flowers on the opposite end of the filter and gradually minimize the side until you reach the tip.

ROLL: Putting the whole joint together

To wrap everything up, you’ll need to pick up the entire assembly carefully between your fingers. Start by pinching the paper around the tip and rolling the other end of the joint into the famed conical shape. Once you’ve managed to get everything wrapped, fold the front edge of the paper into the roll as tightly as possible, lick the glue or sticky area and close the entire joint!


At this point, you now have a clearer idea of how you can roll a picture-perfect CBD hemp joint. Even if you’re just starting out, follow the guide given above, and the process of making it won’t have to be as hard as expected!

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