5 Ways to Differentiate Between Good and Bad Hemp Buds

5 Ways to Differentiate Between Good and Bad Hemp Buds

Now that recreational and medical use of cannabis is legalized in various states and countries, the demand for good quality hemp buds is at an all-time high in both brick-and-mortar and online dispensaries. With plenty of Mary Jane to choose from, it’s easy to mistake poor quality cannabis with their high-quality counterparts.

If you think you can get a bang for the buck deal on poor-quality hemp bud, then you’re entirely off the mark. The purpose of consuming high-quality cannabis—whether recreational or medical—is to reap its benefits. Unfortunately, low-quality hemp buds can do more harm than good.

To that end, the tips below should help you know the difference between a dank or bunk hemp bud when shopping for medical cannabis using tricks and visual cues: 

Tip #1: Take a Closer Look at the Color of Your Buds 

The first thing you should do to determine whether the strain you’re eyeing is of high quality is to start with a visual inspection. One thing that should immediately pop out is its color, which should have a vibrant shade that varies depending on the strain - from verdant purple, orange, yellow, blue, green, or red. 

A tell-tale sign of poorly-grown weed will mostly look dry and have a brown tinge throughout the hemp buds. It lacks the poppiness and luster of a good weed as brick weed will likely contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, and even mold contamination. 

Speaking of which, the ideal weed should be a balance between wet and dry. It is often sticky to the touch, which will help it last longer and prevent it from burning out too fast when smoking it. 

Tip #2: Consider the Amount of Crystals Around the Hemp Buds

The transparent crystals that cover the hemp buds will be the cornerstone of its quality and potency as these are physical representations of its THC. When a hemp bud is peppered with this crystallized goodness, you can have peace of mind knowing that the hemp buds will be the dankest and deserves a place in the top shelf of dispensaries. To that end, inferior cannabis will have little-to-no crystals covering the hemp buds. 

Tip #3: Check for Any Signs of Stems or Seeds

Another sign of poor quality growth and harvest is the presence of stems and seeds. Licensed dispensaries or knowledgeable growers will always take the time to remove stems or seeds, while dirt weed will have a little-to-no hemp bud in them as its weight will most likely come from other elements that you can’t consume. 

Tip #4: Look at the Orange Hair Count 

The fiery red to orange hairs on cannabis are called pistils, and while it doesn’t necessarily affect your smoke, it will help you determine whether the cannabis plan is well-pollinated. It reflects the maturity of the weed and serves as a visual representation that it is harvested at the time the plant offers its peak potency. 

Tip #5: Take a Good Whiff of the Hemp Buds

Good quality or dank hemp buds will immediately greet your nose with a bright, fresh spunkiness. It should permeate the room as soon as you open the bag, but bunk weed will have a muted, dirty, hay smell. 

Conclusion: Having a Keen Eye and Enough Knowledge Can Help You Get the Best of the Bunch When Buying Cannabis 

Knowing the difference between good weed from bad is crucial if you want value for your money and ensure that you are consuming all its promised benefits. Poorly grown marijuana can taste horrible as it contains toxic pesticides, so take the time to sharpen your eyes and nose when evaluating hemp buds in your local dispensaries. 

Of course, buying cannabis from licensed dispensaries is the best choice as their shelves will always be stocked with the best of the bunch. If you are looking for some high-quality hemp flower, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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